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Scrimmersive Projections

portable performance sets

SCRIM (skrim) n. A lightweight, open-mesh fabric, usually white or ecru, used for draperies, etc.

IMMERSIVE (i•mar′siv) n. Immersing, or able to immerse

IMMERSE (i•mûrs) adj. 1.To embed in a surrounding part or parts  2.To involve deeply; engross

Scrimmersive projection sets are collapsible video sculptures designed to be used to enhance creative performance spaces.  


Scrimmersive sets are durable enough for permanent installations - yet collapsible, lightweight, and portable for traveling shows.  They are made with solid and opaque fabric screens stretched over aluminum / metal frames and used for custom mapped video projections and as LED lit surfaces.


A combination of found footage, custom animations, live camera feeds, moving screen maps, and LED lights are used to give every Scrimmersion set design it's own unique look and feel.


Projections and lights are used to achieve various effects and styles (diagonal scrims and layering can create 'hovering' video effects, LED lights make the parts glow, etc.).  


The structures vary in shape and size and are constructed using lightweight materials, designed to be set up and taken down with ease and stored in custom carry cases - ideal for touring.


The components used to build the Scrimmersive sets can be set up in a variety of different arrangements, so it can be used to compliment virtually any stagesize or room layout.


The parts of the set can be altered, changing the visual elements between acts, or during the different stages of an event - even as the show is still going on. These 'morphs' will serve to create a unique and individual presentation complimentary to each performance.


This 'morphing' stage concept can also shorten changeover times significantly while adding to the continuity and flow of the entire show, from start to finish.


The Scrimmersion set pieces can be used for a variety of purposes other than mapped video projections.  They can also be used as tables for equipment, or stands, or racks for lightweight LEDs.  They can even be used as barriers to prevent the early acts on a bill from having to perform in front of the headliner's back-line.  


These are just a few of the many ways that Scrimmersive projection sets can turn any stage into a video mapped work of art.  For more information, follow the links at the top of the page.


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