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Content is key.

The video that is mapped onto the set pieces on the stage will reflect the vision of the artist it accompanies.

Every performer has their own style and voice - and the stage that surrounds them should reflect this.

Each Scrimmersive Set design will be unique - built specifically for the show that it's a part of.

In addition to using transforming sets and screens, video content and lighting will be used to accomplish this task.


Here are a few of the many techniques that can be incorporated keep each Scrimmersion set individual:


LED Lighting -

LED lights can outlive the set, creating patterns and colors from the front to the back of the stage. The same software that's used to map the video onto the surfaces can send

information to these LEDs, giving the VJ precise control over the light patterns and rates. I don't currently own these, but they are available for rental or purchase. LED lights can

add a special component to any live show.



Using special software and MIDI controllers, the lighting and video can be controlled from the stage as well as from the VJ booth. This gives the artist the ability to trigger certain

light patterns and video sequences along with the audio in their set. This triggering capability adds a whole new level of sync to any multimedia production.



Cameras make it possible to broadcast the performer directly onto the Scrimmersion set pieces with video effects. Also, live cameras can be used to produce feedback effects.



Custom visuals containing imagery and animations can be created specifically for each performance. Logos and slides can be manipulated and resized on the screens, making

them stand out as parts of the sets design.



Using found footage, the videos can be used to express certain 'themes' correspondent with the creative vision of the artist. From space to cityscapes, the visuals can be

programmed with categories designed to follow the music with precision.



Scrim and solid fabric screens are used on the Scrimmersion Project to to give depth to the projected image. There are ways that the angle of the projection with the right screen

material can be used to create floating images and holograms, much like the 'Peppers Ghost' effect used to create the Tupac hologram at Coachella.

The Scrimmersion set makes it possible to use this effect in an easy and cost-effective manner.

'The 'floating video' effect created in the set can be very powerful during any live show.



The modules that make up the Scrimmersion stage design can be used for go-go dancers, immersing them in the video show in a new way.

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